AGENT ATARAXIA Agent Ataraxia has been producing since around 2004. Releasing two initial EP's 'The Incoming Storm' and 'Manual Heart', he acquired a taste for a dark style of ambient, chilling soundtrack style music, that conveyed a story to the listener. In 2009 he began scoring an OST for the online text game 'HellMOO'. The music was adopted as the official soundtrack companion to the game and in 2018, with help from long time collaborator Daniel Mark Herrera, creator of Tengri Nor Music, the pair plan to release 'HellMOOSIC Volume VI - Songs In The Key Of Hell'. Volume VI marks the final HellMOOSIC album and will be released under their old group name 'Edge Of Sleep'.
THE HELLMOOSIC SERIES Based in the lore of a post apocalyptic world, filled with hellish beasts, dangerous environments, an arsenal of weapons and a hosts of manic characters ready and willing to use them, the world of Hell is not for the faint of heart, weak of stomach or those easily offended. HellMOO is a MOO/MUD set in a future earth, recently cleansed by nuclear fire. Filled with all manner of strange beasts, dangerous and insane characters and run by iron fist wielding conglomerates, even death cannot save you thanks to advances in cloning systems. So take up your weapon, don your armour and get ready to fight your way to the top. Welcome to Hell. The HellMOOSIC OST Series was inspired by the rich and deep descriptions found within in the game. You do not need prior knowledge of the games lore to enjoy the music. Click here if you would like to learn more about this fantastic game.

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