Agent Ataraxia has been dabbling with music since around 2004. Always fiddling, but never producing, in late 2012 he started working with various DAW's to find one to start producing with. After some false starts, accidental deletions and major hardware failures, he managed to get the project underway. He's now producing ambient, dark style, and experimental music, as well as getting ready to produce Dance / Trance, Chillout and even Nerd Rap under secondary names in the near future.

His upcoming releases include more game based music, such as a S.T.A.L.K.E.R themed album, based around the classic FPS franchise, as well as a mixed dance / trance / house album coming soon under his secondary pseudonym.

He is also available to work on indie projects such as films or games, wether it be paid, royalty, or even for free. If you enjoy what your hear, please feel free to click the contact link in the top menu to get in touch!

Preview more of his works at SoundCloud, see videos on his YouTube follow him on Twitter or like him on FacebookAlthough he releases all his work for free, you can also support him by throwing some dough at him through his Bandcamp which is always much appreciated.

Agent Ataraxia - The Incoming Storm EP
The Incoming Storm EP

Agent Ataraxia - Manual Heart EP
Manual Heart EP
Based in the lore of a post apocalyptic world, filled with hellish beasts, dangerous environments, an arsenal of weapons and a hosts of manic characters ready and willing to use them, the world of Hell is not for the faint of heart, weak of stomach or those easily offended. HellMOO is  a MOO/MUD set in a future earth, recently cleansed by nuclear fire. Filled with all manner of strange beasts, dangerous and insane characters and run by iron fist wielding conglomerates, even death cannot save you thanks to advances in cloning systems. So take up your weapon, don your armour and get ready to fight your way to the top.
Welcome to Hell.
The HellMOOSIC OST Series was inspired by the rich and deep descriptions found within in the game. You do not need prior knowledge of the games lore to enjoy the music. Click here if you would like to learn more about this fantastic game.

HellMOOSIC - Volume I
HellMOOSIC Volume I - The Unofficial HellMOO OST


HellMOOSIC Vol I.V - The Lost FilesHellMOOSIC Vol I.V - The Lost Files


HellMOOSIC Vol II - Revenge Of The UOST


HellMOOSIC VOL III - Yours For The Taking

HellMOOSIC Vol III - Yours For The Taking

 HellMOOSIC Vol III Extended

HellMOOSIC Vol III Extended


HellMOOSIC Vol III Extended

HellMOOSIC Vol IV - A Users Guide To Strange Beasts

 HellMOOSIC Vol III Extended

HellMOOSIC Vol V - ATP Dreams



Conelrad has been producing electronic music since around 2000. Downtempo, ambient, atmospheric music, sometimes with vocals or vocal samples, sometimes not. You can read more about him at his website, follow him on TwitterTumblr and even join his mailing list.

All of his music is made free, though donations are welcome and appreciated. He can also take commission work. This mirror is provided free of charge with permission from Conelrad. 
Conelrad - Sure Is The Risk MadeSure Is The Risk Made
Conelrad - Five Automatic LandingsFive Automatic Landings

Conelrad - Liminial States
Liminal States [Rough]

Conelrad - Not A Gun EP
Not A Gun

Conelrad - Bunker One
Bunker 1

Conelrad - Cruel Jewels
Leonard St. Viles Cruel Jewels

Conelrad - Community Shelter Planning
Community Shelter Planning

Conelrad - Function Creep
Function Creep